note for teacher

So it’s Blogathon Day, and I’m 23 minutes late at this point with my first post.


Naturally, the contest is less than a half-hour old and I am already in a dispute with the Powers That Be (tPTB), who yesterday stopped by to claim that I owed not 48 posts, but 49. Now, I dunno what kind of math they have over at Livejournal (definitely NOT “new math”) but to me, two posts an hour for 24 hours adds up to 48 posts, amirite?

What horrific fate awaits rebels like me who only put out a measly 48 posts in 24 hours, I cannot guess. Will we lose points from Gryffindor? Get detention with Snape? Ah, THAT might almost be worth throwing the contest entirely!

In any case, Blogathon ’09 has begun and we at the ol’ raincoaster blog are heartily participating away, under a pirate flag. I’d better be careful; they might just take away my license to blog!

sexy snape

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14 thoughts on “note for teacher

  1. Technically it’s 1 at 6:00am, then 47 more (which would be 48 in total, up until 5:30am) then 1 more to close it at the end (that’s why they add up to 49). Trust me, once you reach them you’ll see them ;)

  2. You are meant to do one final post to close at 6am.

    Anyway, if you need to get in touch during the ‘thon, I’ll be on AIM (sohorhapsody) and LJ ( Good luck.

  3. Thank you. WOW do they need an editor.

    Quote: You will post a total of 49 posts, not 48. Your first post will be at the beginning of the Blogathon, and your last post will be at the very end – one post every half hour from 6am Pacific to 6am Pacific.

    Note that that is NOT one post every half hour from 6am Pacific to 6am Pacific: that would be a total of 48 posts. What they meant to say was: one post every half hour from 6am Pacific to 6am Pacific INCLUSIVE.

  4. rather than getting an editor, i would suggest that the person who wrote this apply for a job with government. clearly, their writing talent will be appreciated there.

  5. for your 49th post you could write fanfic about being disciplined by Snape … nah, someone has almost certainly already done that.

  6. raincoaster,
    We are always looking for more volunteers to help out, so anytime you’d like to edit our FAQs, please drop us a line! At the moment, we don’t have an volunteers who are professional editors (though we have at least one that has been published).
    We do try to be as clear as possible – obviously no one was intentionally trying to trick you and this is the first I’ve seen anyone (in the 8 years of Blogathon) claim that we were mis-stating the rules.
    Blogathon Aqua Team TL

  7. I never noticed before, but why are all those kids looking up Snape’s skirt? Are those chaps instead of trousers?

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