Blogathon: The End

funny pictures of cats with captions

for the world is hollow and I have touched the sky

49. Actually, 51. Final Blogathon Post. Happy now?

This is a Blogathon post. Don’t just sit there, SPONSOR ME!

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11 thoughts on “Blogathon: The End

  1. Thanks. Was it worth it for $250? No, it was NOT. But it was worth it for the experience. Next year, I pick an organization that’ll give me the go-ahead earlier than four days before launch, I think.

  2. Also, Rebecca Bollwitt does the BEST job of organizing group blogging things. Although next year I’ll organize breakfast. I NEED bacon if I’m to blog all the way from 6am to lunchtime.

  3. It must be Senor FFE’s spending so much time FLOATING in a CANOE (confessed in his Blogge most interesting & well-worthy of Visiting)

    and there was me thinking the World is Disc, resting on 4 Large Elephants standing on a Turtle or that Bank Mega-Bonuses may not be the Best Thing since the invention of Sliced Bread

  4. Bank Mega-Bonuses are a great thing, because their revelation has driven the world to completely turn away from the Calvinist doctrine that rich people are rich because they work so hard and deserve it. It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing when people who threw away the chance to change the world and devoted their lives to making money fail and are seen to fail and lose their $25million bonuses (or, if they don’t, are universally shunned).

    And welcome back to the world of blogging, FFE.

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