L’amour N’est Rien

I could swear I’ve blogged this video before, but perhaps not. By this point in Blogathon, I’m doing a LOT of swearing, as you can imagine. Nearly halfway through and I’m four posts short. Time for some quickie YouTubes, methinks.

This one happens to be one of the most popular things on Twitter; every damn time I post it I get 300 new Followers, for reasons which will become obvious about the time Mylene Farmer here starts undoing the garter belt. Enjoy, and know that you can enjoy with a clear conscience, Farmer being somewhat renowned as a post-postfeminist in good standing (for details of which, click on her name and watch that video, Fuck them All).


Love is nothing/ Mylene Farmer

Obsessed with the worst
And not very verbose
The least of my sighs
Turn metaphysical
I have in my heaven
Tons of stars
Hanging on my wings
And down falls the angel Gabriel

Obsessed with the worst
A little too physical
The desire to quiver
Is pharaonic
Fed up with asceticism
My life is wrapped in darkness
For me without the tongue
Wihtout sex I get weak

Love is nothing
When it’s politically correct
You like one another
You don’t even know when you hurt them
Love is nothing
When everything is sexually correct
You get bored
You yell for it to stop
Life is nothing
When it’s lukewarm
It consumes itself and shakes your blood
In cigarette ashes
Life is good
It’s made of honey
When it’s acid with dynamite
Those who love me, follow me

Obsessed with the worst
And not very verbose
The least of my sighs
Turn metaphysical
I have in my head
Tons of pirouettes
The leap of the angel
Doesn’t seem strange to me

Obsessed with the worst
And not very verbose
To share my laughs
Rather plutonic
I have in my sphere
A greenhouse effect
My blood’s boiling
I’m seething about everything

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