Meerkat Sniper Caught In the Act

Longtime readers will know that we at the ol’ raincoaster blog accept no mere whispers; gossip is to us as the obscene fingerings of the first filthy breeze of the approaching sandstorm. No, we are all about the scientific proof here at Operation Global Media Domination HQ.

Thus we pass along the following, conclusive proof of the Great Meerkat Conspiracy, the obscene worldwide plot to banish Fairies from the face of the Earth and seize control of the barrows for their own nefarious meerkattarian purposes. What was once only whispered may now be forwarded to CNN (appropriately link-credited, please!).

Meerkat Sniper caught in the act, the bastidge!

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22 thoughts on “Meerkat Sniper Caught In the Act

  1. Uh-Oh, that’s not the sniper, that’s the squad support gunner. This can only mean there are more of the bastards close by.

    I vote we send Bunk out for a recce.

  2. Senor Valarmorgholis

    Ancient Chinese Ploverb :

    Do not despise the Snake
    Who knows
    He may grow into a Dlagon

    … or in these enLightened Times, shouldn’t that read :

    “She” may glow into a Dlagon

    Unlike a Tree Oktopus in its unequal struggle with Sasquatch, THIS Meerkat has a Gun …a very Big Gun

    Americans may see these points of etiquette differently, armed as they are under the 2nd Amendment

    AND One hesitates to comment on the actions of the Nobility, our Betters

    BUT Shouldn’t her Grace have included a Warning (as they would have in Gross Britannien) that Members of the Public are advised NOT to approach a Meerkat which is heavily armed …. AND whose equally armed sisters are lurking unseen in the Undergrowth …

    Yr obedt servant etc

    G E

  3. Meerkat Demolition Team Commander reporting for duty.

    I’ve been summoned by both Commodore Eagle and PsyOps Sgt. at Arms Valarmorghulis to assist. The meerkat presence has apparently grown substantially since my last recon mission.

    I need to see all meerkat intel to date before I assemble The Slobbering Hordes to fight this growing menace.

    B.Strutts MDTC

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  5. How intel-agent do you think I can be after the last two days? The dossier is en route. Keep your eyes peeled for a homing kangaroo with a fanny pack. He answers to “Rudolph”.

  6. I forgot that you were on maneuvers.

    “Shirt them a-tear up, trousers are gone.
    I don’t want to end up like Bonnie and Clyde.
    Ooohh Oohh, the handmade aboriginal novelty fake turd.”

    Desmond Dekker & the Aces 1969

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  8. ハロー。私は高校の時からダイエットを行ってきました。体重は痩せてもまた太ったりで結局たいして痩せれませんでした。ですが、20代後半になってくると昔よりも少ない食べる量でも太りやすくなってきたと思っています。そのため、これからは本気で減量をしようと決めたんです。しかも夏になります。ですからいろんなサイトを見て調べたんです。どんな方法のダイエット法があるのか、こんなやり方のダイエット法がおすすめとかの知識が増えました。最近は酵素を使ったスムージーのダイエットが話題になっていますね。栄養を取りながらダイエットできるようです。また、ダイエットエステなどで人気の高い痩身ですね。これも美を高めながら痩せる方法ですね。その痩身エステにもサロンによっていろいろあって効果が期待できそうです。しかもほとんどのエステには体験コースというものがあって値段が安いので、まずは体験コースからやってみることをお勧めします。そして食べものも大事です。また、野菜が食べれない人は野菜ジュースや青汁などでしっかりと決行的にダイエットしましょう。

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