Crane: a revolutionary new web-free, wireless image editing suite

Crane, the image editor for the 21st Century

From the industry leaders who brought you Worth1000, which is surely worth more than that even in a depressed market, comes the remarkable new Crane image suite. A fully tactile image manipulation experience, Crane replicates many of the most popular features of traditional, “online” image editing tools such as Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw.

For example, to draw in Crane, simply place the Pencil Tool between your index finger and thumb (located on your dominant hand). Press the tip of the Pencil Tool down onto your canvas and using controlled strokes, you will be able to simulate the act of digital drawing on your canvas. The Pencil Tool is entirely pressure sensitive meaning the harder you press down on the Pencil, the darker your strokes will appear on the paper, just as if you were using a real Wacom drawing tablet…

To save your creation, follow these instructions:

Step 1. Do not throw your creation into the garbage can.

I heartily recommend Crane, the only fully paper-based, meatspace-compatable, wireless and webless image suite, available now from the fine people at Aviary.

Mobile Version

Coming soon, for the artist on the go, we are currently working around the clock to complete Crane Mobile, our mobile version of the image editor.

Crane Mobile coming soon

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