Sunday Night’s Alright for Fighting

What the hell, there’s nothing else to do.

If nothing else, you can see the value Twitter adds to the world of flamewarring: instead of hitting Refresh, Refresh, Refresh and waiting to see if your opponent has updated his blog/left another comment on yours, Twitter now enables people to make asses of themselves in realtime!

It all started…with this innocuous little post:

So far, so what? you’re probably thinking. Well, nothing. It’s just a link to some video of a fluffy white doggy trying to stay upright on a slidey plastic surface with four doggie shoes on.

And it ended like this:

And in between, now sadly deleted on MM’s part in the Slow Sunday Night on Twitter version of the missing 15 minutes from the Watergate Tapes, there was this:

@MortgageMark I wouldn’t either. That’s just cruel; saddle shoes are SO last year!

@raincoaster mellow out my friend

@MortgageMark I work for Shoeblogs LLC. I take these things seriously!

@raincoaster Listen, my son’s girlfriend bought them as a gift. We tried them on once. Don’t really care what blog you work for, suck it up

@MortgageMark “Suck it up?” Great people skillz, dude. I was JOKING. Chill thyself!

@raincoaster “dude” I guess my people skills aren’t that great. Just kidding, they’re fantastic ; )

and, after the above was deleted, this from me:

@MortgageMark If you trust your people skills, why don’t you apologize instead of just deleting those tweets?

Some things go without saying, you know what I’m sayin’?

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