I hate money

And if I ever see any, I’m going to kick its ass.

[currently posting on a Windows 95 machine, Lazarus the Laptop, so named from the number of times it dies and comes back. The power cord for Eve, my marvelous new laptop, has died and although I have five power cords for Windows machines, of course none of them will fit. Reboot has none, Freegeek might have one, but the problem is all my money is in Paypal, and I won’t be able to get my hands on it before Saturday or so, because of course you have to go ONLINE to get money from paypal, and it takes four or five days to move to your bank account once you’ve transferred it. See you in a week?]


6 thoughts on “I hate money

  1. Apparently the cord will cost anywhere from $60-$180. As if I have that. Finally managed to get some blog posts up at Ayyyy.com today, but haven’t been able to do the affiliate blogging that’s supposed to make our money for us. Borrowed Lazarus back, but Lazarus took three and a half hours to get online yesterday. I was literally in tears by the time i got online, and by then some dope outside the web cafe decided that making faces at me was a good way to cheer me up. He’s lucky that window was Lexan, not glass. That’s all I’m saying.

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  3. Your Grace

    I flatter myself that I agree with your Grace and the Incisive & most-welcome Young Mr Jacobs on so so many things

    …. apart of course on whether Lichfield Cathedral should be bull-dozed to create a valuable BrownField Site for Social Housing, while creating an Endowment Fund for the multiplication of Prebendaries & Diocesan Secretaries in the Church of England

    …. and as to whether California and Seattle west of the San Andreas Fault should be towed into the Middle of the Pacific to create a Wild Life Reserve for endangered Manatees & Cephalopods

    BUT I wonder about your Grace’s Views on Money (according to St Paul “a Root of all Evils”) – is your Grace experiencing a Hatred of Money ….

    …. OR might this be more nicely refined along these lines :

    “… hating an insufficiency of Liquid Cash dans la Pockette, adequate to fund the replacement of an ante-Diluvian Computer”

    Yr Grace’s obedient servant etc

    G E

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