I still hate money; I love my friends

IF you don’t know what I’m bitching about, read yesterday’s post.

Problem has been patched and may be solved shortly: a good friend has loaned me a perfectly adequate Netbook, and I’ve had several offers of help and free cords IF the ones people have happen to fit. And one offer of cold, hard cash that I turned down because…well, I’m stupid.

So tonight I’m going to take detailed pictures of the culprit cord and post them either here or on http://raincoastermedia.com and ask if anyone has any of those they can give me in exchange for a super-duper special prize. Hell if I know what that prize might be, but it’ll be AWESOME, because I’ll owe that person my life, essentially.\\

Was at a party tonight talking to about 300 of my close friends (seriously, it looked like my whole Facebook crowd) and saying “it’ll be so great when I can get online and see my friends.” And I was saying this TO MY FRIENDS. Who were all, like, what am I, chopped liver?

8 thoughts on “I still hate money; I love my friends

  1. Yeah, I have some online friends who are closer to me than most of my family. There’s the one you are born into, and then there’s the family you build around you. But your IRL friends must be very tolerant.

  2. Well, since it was a social media thingy,they were sort of the same group. I can’t begin to tell you how many times that night I heard “You look JUST like your avatar.” Not to me, of course. My eye is green.

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