Star Wars: the Org Chart!

I’m posting in stolen hours between meatspace meetups, so my online time is precious and few, so what you’re gonna get is rare, precious, and probably stolen from somewhere else.

So here’s a chart to help you figure out which Star Wars movie you’re looking at. I’ve seen the first one 15 times, but the rest? Meh. In fact, I think they’re what the word Meh was invented for. So they deserve an org chart:

Star wars org chart

Star wars org chart

12 thoughts on “Star Wars: the Org Chart!

  1. On a completely different note (more than 140 characters, which is why I’m posting this here), I just started a second WP blog, tried to import from blogger, and once more it stalled with fewer than 20 posts to go, and no comments imported at all. I have contacted support but haven’t heard back yet.

    This isn’t helping me feel good about moving!

  2. Have you read through the posts in the forum on the issue? There may be a solution there. I’m afraid Blogger is notoriously problematic on imports; you may end up having to do an XML import with the feed for the comments.

  3. I just read through the forum posts that pertain to my particular predicament. They say to contact WP support directly. So, I did that on Friday and hope to hear back soon.

  4. No worries. Staff is pretty good about getting back to you; check your spam folder too, because sometimes the emails go there. But as well, they’ve been off for the weekend.

  5. Your Grace

    I flatter myself that I agree with the Perambulating North-Amerikan Wild=Hound on so many things

    ….. apart of course on whether Lichfield Cathedral should be bull-dozed in order to build Social Housing to accommodate impoverished British MPS eking out their morally diminished lives on their outRAGEously imMODEST Expense allowances (colonials might describe such housing as “Penitentiaries”)

    but as her Friend Cassandra so sagaciously like a RacCcooon observed :

    ….. Timeo Danaos et Dona ferentes
    [I fear Liberals/Democrats, especially when they promise tax cuts]

    Your Grace’s obedient servant etc

    G E

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