The REAL Question

I mean, did anyone ASK?

15 thoughts on “The REAL Question

  1. I think you must be a very bad person, bunk strutts. Hamster slammin’ sounds like a very bad if not terribly naughty thing to be doing. I, for one, cannot abide such behavior.

  2. Wow–cruelty to animals AND vegetables within two comments.

    Bet you’re secretly doing horrid things to minerals as well. So stop it. That’s just unnatural. There are some things raccoon was not meant to do.

  3. Whoa. Hold on there. Metro’s doing it with machines, and somehow my cordial comment brings attacks? It appears that I’m between a hard and a rock place.

    And no, rain. I’m not a vegetarian. For every animal you don’t eat, I’m gonna eat two. (I think Maddox said that first.)

    splice– How ’bout you find a nice newel post who loves you for what you are. ;)

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