Madblogz make me Mad

A side-effect of the Zemanta Pixie is that it makes it MUCH easier for blog scrapers to steal the entire post, which they are not actually allowed to do.

Quote of the day? My own:

Please take down my post:

Which has been stolen in its entirety and reposted on your site here:

Not stated, but implied, “or else.”

UPDATE: The CTO of Zemanta replied to my comment on their site:

andraz 1 day ago in reply to raincoaster
Zemanta reblog feature cannot be used for scrapping entire post, since it always requires user to choose one single paragraph when he tries to reblog. I think the scrappers you are seeing aren’t using Reblog, but are doing plain copy&paste or copying from your feed. Naturally I might be wrong, so if you have any indicator they really are using reblog somehow, let me know.

Independently from the above, you can easily change reblog button to one saying “Zemified” or to invisible one inside your Zemanta Preferences. This way there will be no Zemanta Reblog functionality available for your post.

Anrdaz Tori, CTO at Zemanta

18 thoughts on “Madblogz make me Mad

  1. Probably just because of the Zemanta reblog button. Either they are ignorant of copyright and the correct use of the Zemanta snippeting tool, or they are malevolent thieves. Those are the only two options.

  2. I hope it’s just a person who goofed up. I detest content thieves so much that even though I’m a pacifist if I ever meet one I may not be able to control my feet (kickboxing).

  3. BTW I have a dubious “reader” who has virtually memorized every post on my blog without every leaving a comment. You can bet I’m tracking that Plano, Texas. The information I don’t get from sitemeter I do get from feedjit. In addition I’m considering adding go-stats too.

  4. When I get really bored I search for blog scrapers and report them. I have a pretty high success rate.

    Livejournal, of all places, was the fastest. They killed an entire account with several linked blogs within 20 minutes of my reporting a stolen post.

  5. Get over yourself. I took your post down. I thought your blog was interesting so i wanted it apart of my site. I sited your blog and everything. I guess there are ignorant people everywhere.

  6. Obey the law, n00b. Or I’ll go to your host and your whole site will go down and stay down. A link does not mean you’ve got permission to steal an entire post.

  7. Well. I just wanna say sorry for taking your content. I didn’t mean to, and when I read your comment I took it down. I’m just starting out my site and I’m bound to make mistakes. Anyways sorry for troubling ya.

  8. No, no, I don’t think you understand, Raincoaster. They liked your post, so they illegally copied it and put it on their own site. That’s all. Really, you should be thanking them.

    Cough, cough.

  9. That was my understanding that I was helping out Raincoaster. But I didn’t realize I did it illegally until later. So I shouldn’t be getting mad. Hence why I’m sorry.

  10. Ugh… I noticed this madblogz started to post trackbacks on one of my posts. Then suddenly a few posts later he’s done it again! Akismet is now treating his trackbacks as spam. I dunno should I be happy that I’m getting noticed or what? O_o

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