Back to the Return of the Future!

How Grad School is just like Kindergarten

Good to know, good to know. Particularly as I’m spending a significant amount of my not-free time looking up and applying to radically progressive grad programs in social media for social change, which leaves me approximately three choices on Planet Earth as far as I can see: Leeds (which I cannot afford), Stanford (which I cannot afford), or SFU’s new school of Technology, Communication and Arts which I also can’t afford but which is about a half a mile from my apartment and where I’d have the inside line on scholarships, bursaries, research dollars, and have pre-existing connections up the wazoo in the community that I’ll need when it comes time to do research, which is kinda the whole point of doing the degree in the first place. Then again, I may be teaching at UBC later on this year, and that generally comes with free tuition, so that’s something. Still, they have nothing like what I’m looking for.

But aside from what I’m looking for (for what I’m looking? Don’t try to tell me that’s correcter; do I look like I was borned yesterday? Hell no, and particularly not before I’ve had my coffee) what I’m actually expecting is something like this, only with chubby, pasty nerds instead of princes:

And, in case I get into a UK university and figure out a way to pay for it, I’m way ahead. After all, I’ve already got the socialization manual:

How to approach a stranger in London

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