What did you do today, raincoaster?

what would Johnny Cash do

and for a contrasting point of view, check out BoingBoing’s What Would a Unicorn Do?

Sadly, I blew off the chance for a gorgeous walk on a rare, perfect afternoon to get to the office so I could delete a post from Buzzfeed, because of a misunderstanding on my part about that whole “right to post the image” thang. And of course, once there I’m in for life. So what did I do today?

A mere ten posts:

I posted:

  1. Surf the Net Like a Pro (a little allegorical commentary to some internet drama)
  2. Twitter/Art + Social Media at Diane Farris Gallery call for artists
  3. W2010 Launch at W2
  4. The Downfall of France
  5. Hump Day Links: the Ultimate Olympian Edition
  6. Hey Four Eyes
  7. Kristen Stewart has REASONS for Things. God!
  8. Lindsay Lohan Airs it Out
  9. Pickleback FTW!
  10. Certify Courtney

Invoiced for two different corporate blogs (yay, my favorite i-word!), loaded up the Jesusphone with no fewer than 30 workout podcasts, managed to finally transfer some of my GOOD music from CD to the Jesusphone (Jesus, apparently, has a problem with Trent Reznor!), drank my RDA of water for once, passed along some SUPER job opportunities at Pixar Vancouver (human cannonball? I wonder what that pays), followed up with some admin stuff for the Social Media Club YVR meeting on Thursday the 18th,

and then there’s this:

Yeah, you could say that.


You might enjoy the high level of emotional drama today because the expression of feelings touches something that resonates very deeply for you. Whether you are reminded of a past life or a past decade, it’s crucial that you relate your memories to what is unfolding in the present moment and not what happened previously. Everything will be somewhat easier once you realize the power of now.

No, everything will be somewhat easier once I realize the power of kicking ass and taking names. Trust.

neil patrick harris

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3 thoughts on “What did you do today, raincoaster?

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