what did you do today, raincoaster?

open your eyes

Yes, it’s a Unicorn Chaser kinda day. Nine posts. Well, really more than nine, because I also made two posts on each of two different blogs that are scheduled to go up over the weekend, so that’s thirteen posts today, and I’ve been at it since 5am and it’s now 1:56 the next am, which is why you saw me not at all yesterday. Nor will again till Monday.

Also: affiliate linked up five blog posts, and did about 30 emails for and to the Social Media Club of Vancouver (keep the 18th for us! It’ll be fab!) and another half-dozen for the Shebeen Club and another half-dozen twitter back-and-forths on behalf of a UK author who wants me to rep her books in North America; since she’s a best-seller, that shouldn’t be too difficult. Oh, and got the news that one of the Shebeen Club members has just gotten an order for 50,000 of her first novel, and sold a movie option (for the second time), which, like, hurray! And don’t forget the little people!

And confirmed that I’m the speaker at the AGM of the Federation of BC Writers and that it’s already such a popular talk that people are asking how to join the Fed and if I give this talk (Social Media for Self-Promotion) any other time (I do, but it’s $150 a head to take that class, so joining the Fed is way cheaper) and that they now want me to give a whole series of talks, because the demand is that solid. And since the pay is that solid, I said a solid yes.


Whew! And now, I collapse!

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4 thoughts on “what did you do today, raincoaster?

  1. You are a human dynamo. I’m truly impressed and it’s great to hear that you have been hired to do a whole series. Yes!

    I’ve been up since 5 AM too working on such an interesting contract job that I keep searching for distractions to take me away from it. Oh well .. it’s a money maker so I’ll have to hunker down and focus.

  2. Thanks! And congrats on the contract job; close your eyes and think of the money, and all the great things you’ll do with it once it comes in.

    Now that I’m able to teach again (well, in another week or so; the room is being refurbished right now) my income should go up. Teaching is the biggest income generator of all the things I do, and I love doing it. I just have to hunker down with my calendar and start picking dates.

    Sometime this summer I hope to talk my friends with a sailboat into taking me over to your island for a visit. And it’s about time I contacted Poet’s Cove about organizing the Labour Day Three Day Novel retreat.

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