Unintended Side-Effects

Liberty leading the people

I’ll keep this short, because I only have feeling in my left hand which is NOT my best typing hand, and the typos I’ve come up with today are really quite amazing.

The short form is: they stuck a five inch needle in my boob today and sucked part of it out. Sure, they used freezing, but they needed to use so much that my right arm is kinda sorta “theoretical” at this point. I mean, I can SEE it, but I can’t get much use out of it. When they’ve put enough freezing in your boob that you can taste it in your mouth, you know you’re good and froze. And then they decided to do this to my belle poitrine:

Flower Press

But why the bruise eventually showed up on my hand, I have NO idea.

In any case, I whined to the appropriate circle of friends and the Booze Fairy came over with a delivery, and then we went to Mickey D’s (sadly too late for the Free Coffee in the Mornings Until the 14th Offer) and had not one but TWO, count ’em, TWO burger courses, and then came back and blogged and then went home and passed right the fuck out.

Or so I hope.

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9 thoughts on “Unintended Side-Effects

  1. I’m sending you warm and healing thoughts. Thank you for following my twitter. I love you on Gawker, not the least of which is b/c I spent most of the last 4 years living in Olympia, Washington, and it was so good to have a Cascadian commenter around! :-)

    Thank you for sharing in all the ways/places you do.

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