Your Science Tidbit of the Day: Gummy Bear in Potassium Chlorate

Gummy bear periodic table

The Gummy Bear periodic table

My class never did anything this fun.

Gummy Bears, see, are made out of sugar. Sugar and … uh … gummy. Duh. Sugar and gummy and that’s it, bare; hence, gummy bears. It’s obvious. And potassium chlorate is made out of potassium and chlorate.

Still with me?

And potassium and chlorate are neither sugar nor gummy nor even sugar and gummy, and when they all meet it’s more or less like the Hatfields met the Capulets, or perhaps more like when the McCoys met the Montagues.

And that ain’t good, whether you’re a substrate or a … superstrate? Or even a tumbler, as our poor gummy bear sacrifice here appears to be.

So sad. As god is my witness, I thought gummy bears could climb.

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6 thoughts on “Your Science Tidbit of the Day: Gummy Bear in Potassium Chlorate

  1. It is so obvious that gummy bear is terrified of what is about to happen. He clings on to the side of the tube. Then he screams for agonisingly long seconds as he is tortured to death!


  2. Poor, poor gummy bear.

    And why are they using gummy bears for experiments while there are thousands of starving children in impoverished countries? They should be using broccoli. No one likes that crap. But gummy bears are fantastically yummy, and if experiments like this are continually conducted they’re soon to be extinct.

  3. I’m not sure, but I think you’re advocating the use of starving children instead of gummy bears? I’m okay with that, but only if the children are selected from those who yowl on airplanes.

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