away on vacay

several long, thoughtful posts coming soon. But not on any kind of regular schedule; the neighbors with the wifi seem to have moved away. Ah, primitive surroundings.

9 thoughts on “away on vacay

  1. just in time for you losing regular internet at home. damn. anyway, here’s a comic you might enjoy. i have and i’ve only read comics in the archive thus far. Unspeakable Vault. it’s much better than the chibi cthulu comic i found…though that one was amusing a bit. i have to find it again.

  2. You sorted a passport at last then?

    Help! We’re screwed and doomed over this side of the pond. Know any nice Candian girls would wanna marry me :)?

    Seriously, it’s about to hit the fan! June 22 we get our emergency budget, then spending review in the Autumn, Greek style riots anytime now!

    Apparently they’re looking to you guys for inspiration for how to do it!

  3. Looking to Canada to figure out how to riot? Boy, your people really ARE screwed up!

    Passport issue not quite sorted, but getting sorted finally after all. If Cameron doesn’t raise taxes you are indeed screwed, because cuts won’t do it alone. Let’s see if he’s more dedicated to the survival of the country or the survival of his political doctrine.

    Didn’t you see Love, Actually? ALL North American girls love your accent; just pop over and you’ll have them lined up in no time. Heck, if you move to Utah, you can even marry ALL of them.

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