It’s been quite some time since we had any decent Kirk/Spock sexual innuendo around these parts. That’s a terrible cultural drought, one which is about to get washed away in a warm bath of cheese. Ladies and gentlemen, and those readers of this blog who know you are neither and are reconciled to the fact, we present Captain James Tiberius Kirk and First Officer and Science Officer Spock in “You Spin Me Round“:

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9 thoughts on “Slashback!

  1. It’s really no wonder these two started off the whole slash thing. If back then TWoP would have existed, I’m sure the award for the gayest look of the episode would have always gone to Kirk or Spock. Eat your heart out, Lex Luther! ;)

  2. True. Also epic. But as slash is the better the more angst is involved, how can you top a pairing where one part is not even supposed to feel emotion?

    Also, it’s not cool to read tweets to TomFelton when writing about slash pairings because surely, Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy walk in the footsteps of …well, maybe more of Sulu and Chekov. ;)

  3. I can’t decide which one I like better, tho I lean toward the “Spin Me Round” version for pure clarity and color, which I like in my porn, and which makes Captain K’s complexion look like a baby’s bottom. (Not that I like babies’ bottoms; I do–just not in my pjorn) The NIN version, while good for angry sex with myself, is tinged in sepia and makes me feel old in more ways than one. Who knew Spock had such a sexy rug…on pecs I didn’t know he had either. I went through a Star Trek phase, but I don’t remember any skin, and had forgotten how exquisitely handsome Kirk was. Current Shatner has effectively erased hot Shatner from my memory bank. All I can say is thank God for fruit cup. (and I bet dear ol’ dad had a regret or two, especially around Father’s Day.)

  4. Yes, he was gorgeous back then. In high school I had a copy of Julius Caesar with Shatner playing the lute boy at about 19, very yummy. Lorne Greene was Julius Caesar.

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