Peeler Video!

This shocking video must be seen to be believed! Prepare to be mind-blown as you watch this leggy beauty take it aaaaaaaaaaall off!

Your cognition has never been so dissonated!
(except by this)

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9 thoughts on “Peeler Video!

  1. But crabs HAVE opposable thumbs. You can see them.

    What’s creepiest is that it almost looks like this thing turned around to face the camera and then waited till the suspense was at a high point before doing the Whooosh, Peeled! thing.

  2. And I think taking my contacts out at night is a hassle…

    Should also be filed under “Not Expecting That” and “Crustacean Porn”

    I had to watch again with striptease music…

    “I’m too sexy for my shell, too sexy for my shell, so sexy it’s hell…”

    “I’m too sexy for my crust, too sexy for my crust, so sexy I bust”

    and then she goes to sleep…next show is at 8, tip your waitress.

  3. Rane, “watch this leggy beauty take it all off?” It is more sophisticated than “beaver” posts but still. A little shame is in order I think.

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