Dolph Lundren is the King of Rock and Roll

The Sacred Heart of Elvis

Elvis is the King of the Kings of Rock and Roll

Well, he is the King in Sweden anyway, which shows you just how desperate they must be. Here’s a charming, if bizarre (or is that BECAUSE bizarre) video of him performing Elvis Presley‘s A Little Less Conversation, a Little More Action on Swedish television.

It is heartening, is it not, to realize that, even in the complete absence of musical or dancing talent and equipped with nothing more than a Master’s degree in chemical engineering, one can claw one’s way to the very top of Swedish variety showdom and become the butt of jokes worldwide.

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Weird Al couldn't believe his luck on PlentyofFish

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18 thoughts on “Dolph Lundren is the King of Rock and Roll

  1. The Missus went to college with W.A.Y. before he got booted out for paying undergrads to finish his projects. Of course, “My Bologna” was a hit by then…

  2. Weird Al wasn’t “booted out” of Cal Poly SLO. He took a little longer to finish, and his GPA was going downhill (his heart just wasn’t in architecture any more) but he did get his degree. And considering that Al today is pretty well known for personal integrity and a certain degree of, eh, frugality, I highly doubt the “paying undergrads” story.

  3. Here’s Cal Poly claiming him as an alumnus:

    I don’t know whether Al paid Donny Osmond to be in the video or not (it was good publicity for Donny, at any rate) but I do know that Al recruited a bunch of fans to appear in that video for free, and you can’t get more frugal than “free.”
    From Al’s MySpace blog entry on 8/15/06:
    “How many times have you dreamed that a complete stranger would come up to you on the street and say, ‘Hey… didn’t I see you for a fleeting moment in a Weird Al video?’
    Well, finally you have a chance to make this stupid dream come true.
    We’re shooting a music video this month, and we need a few extras. The only 3 requirements are: 1) You must live in the greater Los Angeles area, 2) You must be between 18 and 24 years old, and 3) You must not mind working for FREE. ”

    (found at“)

    Several of my friends were among those extras, and while they didn’t get paid, they had a lot of fun and enjoyed meeting Al.

  4. Hmm, the plot thickens. Of course, back then it would have been his parents’ money he was playing with, and lots of people took a “temporary leave” from university for one thing or another.

  5. I will probably not make any headway against a really strong desire to uncover something really shameful about Weird Al, whether it’s there to be uncovered or not, but what the heck, I’m all about the forlorn hopes.

    Al has never mentioned how he paid for college, but given the facts that he was the valedictorian at Lynwood High School when he graduated (at age 16) and that his parents were blue-collar workers (per the liner notes to the “Al in the Box” set, his father worked in “a steel factory, a pipe factory, a bedspring factory, and as a forklift operator, security guard and gas station attendant” while his mother became “a secretary and stenographer for Firestone,”) I think it’s likely that he attended Cal Poly on at least a partial scholarship, and his parents certainly didn’t have any extra money for him to “play around” with. On Bunk Strutt’s Missus’s theory, to put it plainly, Al was expelled for cheating. We know he did graduate. So the question is: which is more likely? That Al was expelled and then somehow managed to persuade Cal Poly, his parents and a scholarship provider to let him re-enroll and finish? Or that Missus Strutts’ 30-year-old memory of a classmate is mistaken, and that the less-exciting story is the true one: Al steadily lost interest in architecture, his GPA reflected that loss of interest (he called it a “parabolic curve downward” \ ) but he pulled his act together enough to get his four-year degree in five years?

    I know which seems more likely to me. And that’s all I have to say about that.

  6. Helen, the paranoiac defensive tendencies of true fandom are one of it’s most endearing qualities. Please do continue.

    I like Weird Al: that should be apparent from a casual search of the blog. I also like pointless gossip about celebrities, for what it reveals about us. I also like watching the fan impulse in action. “Mama bear” away, but tell me why it matters to you? Why does setting the record straight about the 20-year-old academic record of a man who is a stranger to both of us matter to you?

    I am, for once, serious.

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