token Dead Elvis post: Happy 30th Anniversary, Necronaut!

ELVIS! Elvis is the King!

Thirty long years have passed and I’ve still never been able to eat a pan-fried bacon and peanut butter sandwich on the crapper without sobbing…

Here’s your token Dead Elvis item, from Ruby Carpet:

A multitude of fans in Memphis gathered in sweltering heat to pay homage to Elvis Presley on the 30th anniversary of the singer’s death, resulting in the death of one 67-year-old woman in the crowd. But… is she really dead?

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5 thoughts on “token Dead Elvis post: Happy 30th Anniversary, Necronaut!

  1. He’s not dead, dammit!

    Why does everyone keep saying that?

    Love the pic. I always felt a lotta folks had their Jesus confused with their Elvis anyway:

    Jesus: Soft-spoken Jewish anti-government hippie who advocated peace, justice, and moderation.

    Elvis: fat, delusional, put bullets through his television for no known reason.

    Which of those realities more closely resembles the Bush administration’s fan base?

  2. Thanks, but actually I didn’t make that one up. I stole it from a friend’s copy of the Journal of Irreproducible Results. They gave dead people some diagnostic psych tests and concluded that “necronauts” were paranoid schizophrenics. I should dig that up and post it; quite fascinating.

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