Pacific Tree Octopus caught on camera!

They are very rarely captured while blooming

pacific tree octopus blossoms by liz wolfe

We’ve previously covered the tragic decline of the noble Pacific Tree Octopus, once a monarch of the temperate rainforest, now sadly reduced to a furtive, shadowy band of cedar-crawling hobos, frantically fleeing from chainsaw-wielding lumberjacks. In this shocking image, Artist Liz Wolfe has managed to capture a cluster of them in mid-orgy. Never before have the cavortings of the Pacific Tree Octopus been captured on film. Truly a breathtaking sight.

And, for those of you looking for something a little earthier, here is a video of two octopuses having sex, from the Vancouver Aquarium.

From the notes:

Within minutes of introducing the male to a female octopus – sex happened… The whole process took roughly four hours.

Four hours? No wonder he got lucky so fast!

3 thoughts on “Pacific Tree Octopus caught on camera!

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