Dear Santa:


Julian Assange waits patiently for me

Julian Assange waits patiently for me, but why isn't he nekkid?



Just a late note, in case the Post Office is still delivering. I posted it on Gawker days ago, but I don’t think he reads that rag.

Is it TOO MUCH TO ASK, Universe, to wake up on Christmas morning to find Julian Assange and Laird Hamilton under the tree, naked, tied together with leather straps, and very happy to see me?

I mean, fuck. Is it TOO MUCH TO ASK?


@raincoaster: hell, I’m in. I’d like colin firth and matthew goode, please


@bellinibubbles: Let’s make this a meme.


@raincoaster: I wouldn’t want to mess with Gabrielle Reece’s man. She looks fierce.


@Salome Valentine: I KNOW! Besides, I love her and their baby is adorable. But he’s gorgeous.


@LatestBy: You’re telling me. I have two, actually: blond hunks and arrogant geniuses. Steve Jobs is in the latter category.


@raincoaster: Have you ever seen this episode ofIconoclasts? It’s my favorite (Eddie Vedder & Laird Hamilton).


@Salome Valentine: Oh, sigh. Christmas has come early!

He’s so much like a blond Henry Rollins, only without the aggro and about 30IQ points. Sigh.




8 thoughts on “Dear Santa:

  1. Bunk, don’t tempt me to escalate, otherwise you could be stuck reading the revelation that with men like Laird Hamilton in the world I’m already perennially leaky.

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  4. Assange:
    But he is naked, before the world, and in front of all humanity, the naked truth speaks, or is censored or whatever minkfuck the CIA wants to place on his head. He is their scapegoat for shutting down the free internet. He is the new Osama Bin Laden. He is the new CIA – Al Queda excuse operative. He is the new John Sinclair. He is the new John Lennon. He is the new voice of truth in journalism or symbol thereof.

    Here is your gift for Christmas and it’s as big as the censorship trials of Allan Ginsberg..
    Then go here: Take action against media censorship
    Stand with other journalists against corporate tyranny. Stand with Daniel Ellsberg, Barbara Ehrenreich, Arundhati Roy, Noam Chomsky and others–
    add your name at the bottom of the page!

    Remember MdLuhan? The medium is the massage…


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