The Internet is Closed

Step away from the keyboard

Step away from the keyboard

Maybe everyone should just step away from the keyboard for a day or so. Go for a walk. See friends over brunch. Play with a puppy. Make an appointment for a colonic.

6 thoughts on “The Internet is Closed

  1. Hmmm – so you will be leaving “your rudimentary little blog” for an hour or two? The blogapeliga will probably be sundered by earthquakes in your absence . Or several of the Four Horsemen may start travelling.

  2. They can’t. I stole their horses and hitched them to this office chair to get me the HELL out of this.

    I mean, you know I love the back-and-forth. But you can tell I’ve been throttling it back here. I haven’t gone “Full Raincoaster” on them. Because, frankly, they’re not at that level. They bore me. I just want the bores to leave me alone. They’re fucking boring. FUCKING boring.

  3. They are extremely repetitious. You are attracting trolls of inferior quality. You need to contact the students of the Necronomicon and organise a visitation. A few Shoggoth would solve the problem.

  4. As far as I can tell, I’ve got an absolute maximum of four. I stand by the assertion that those three are all the same person, and can back me up, because they can tell how much was edited in those comments. There are a few randos in there, but then when has the world been short of boring randos?

    Unfortunately, I left my shoggoth at home. The worst I can do is rickroll them.

  5. A nap followed by caffeine? I WISH.

    After being lectured ad nauseum about the superiority of independently-hosted sites by people whose sites have gone down recently, I’ve spent the night trying to re-upload all the scheduled posts and images on the Manolosphere that were uploaded since January 1st. They all went POOF yesterday. I’m not even halfway done.

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