Social Media User of the Day: The Bronx Zoo Cobra

Yes. Yes, it is. Have you heard the tale of the fugitive Bronx Zoo  cobra? It just got a whole lot more interesting.

Bronx Zoo cobra, you are the perfect hero for our times. Crawl strong, crawl free!

9 thoughts on “Social Media User of the Day: The Bronx Zoo Cobra

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  2. A mere 13 hours, 32 tweets, and he has 22 thousand followers while only following The Zoo? King indeed. I hear Bronx Zoo’s Lion is trashing him all over facebook….(says he has no ass and a ridiculous tattoo of a person he got while he was in lock-up, like he’s ever going to get a job now, and that he was basically the python’s bitch, which I don’t know if I believe…I mean one byte and it would be “bu- bython.”) Go Coby!

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  4. Well, he HAS no ass, it’s true. But it’s a well-known fact that lions are undersexed, neurasthenic Woody Allen characters who need to get out more.

    Like COBY!!!

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