Quiz: Which Royal is For You?

I win!

I win! My royal is prettier than yours!

I got this (sadly unembeddable) quiz from Archie, and it is, let me put this plainly, the fucking shizznit. I mean, how did it know that Carl Philip and I were destined for one another (and who wants to break it to the poor boy?)? I’m looking forward to a royal wedding of my own, very soon. You’re all invited, as long as you’re bringing us something in a bottle for the pressie.

9 thoughts on “Quiz: Which Royal is For You?

  1. Oh, yes, Lorraine. I can always leave it to you to provide me with distraction and entertainment.
    Turns out that, if I had not already found my prince, then apparently a certain Albert von Thurn und Taxis would be the next best thing.
    I fully expect an invitation for your big day.

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