Meme vs Meme

I love both of these memes, but I just can’t make up my mind which I like more. Or which I identify with more. Help me decide: is it to be Courage Wolf or Sexually Oblivious Rhino which becomes the mascot of the ol’ raincoaster blog?

Courage Wolf shits bigger than you

Courage Wolf shits bigger than you


Sexually Oblivious Rhino doesn't know what you mean by that

Sexually Oblivious Rhino doesn't know what you mean by that

What say you all?

22 thoughts on “Meme vs Meme

  1. I voted for the rhino. Simply because I LOVE wolves and I didin’t want to vote for a grumpy looking one.

    But the link between the horn and……….. you know what I mean……. was also intriging! :idea:

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  6. Forswear this tentative agreement with canines and big stompy things. The Elder Gods are a jealous lot and their reach is across dimensions. You will be condemned to a nonEuclidian timeline in which all your pasts will become a ever-present reality. Shoggoths shall eternally consume your extremities while Cthulhu continues to feed upon your soul.
    And it is raining outside so don’t you go telling me to get a life! Grump Grump.

  7. Your Grace

    … very trubbling …. I find myself agreeing with that Kindly Antipodean in voting about Cthulu, but for other reasons

    In these CisPondian Parts, Heatstroke and Drought are rarely a Cause of Anxiety, but Pascal has a point …. he would surely wager against upsetting Cthulu

    BUT that is the Beauty of Philosophy … it is a Maze, not a Motorway

    Your Grace’s obedient servant etc

    G E

  8. Not the most attractive of creatures, your Cthulhu. In fact, rather scary to be perfectly frank. OK – I’ll admit to being a literary ludite, I googled. Interesting concept, but fugly – very fugly.

  9. Because, I can’t SPELL!!! At least that sounds better than “I didn’t notice the Category dropdown”. I think. It gets worse actually, because the first link was Wiki and you know how I hate looking at that for anything!

    I just noticed – you are shouting! Bad, bad, Raincoaster – you should have stuck with the Rhino. :lol: Anytime you mention shouting again I am going to backlink to this comment! :D

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