Steampunk Stainless Steel Cthulhu is my spirit animal

Steampunk Stainless Steel Cthulhu is my spirit animal

Okay, technically this is a GPOYSA, gratuitous photo of your spirit animal. I think finally, after a lengthy search with candidates as impressive (and bizarre) as Sexually Oblivious Rhino, Courage Wolf, Greek Riot Dog, the raven, and a carnival Carousel, we finally have a winner.


Yes. Yes. Looking over all 4178 posts and an estimated 1,044,500 words here on the ol’ raincoaster blog, it seems we have a strong rival to the Stainless Steel Squid here: the Oxford Comma.

The Oxford, Comma

The Oxford, Comma

From TheDailyWhat:

Who gives a f*ck about an Oxford comma? Not Oxford University’s branding style guide, which instructs its readers thus:

As a general rule, do not use the serial/Oxford comma: so write ‘a, b and c’ not ‘a, b, and c’.

It should be noted that an exception has been made for sentences where an Oxford comma would “assist in the meaning of the sentence or helps to resolve ambiguity,” such as when “one of the items in the list is already joined by ‘and’.”

So, that clears that right up, then. What, Ever. Any fool can SEE I am in love with this thing. SAVE THE OXFORD, COMMA! I’m a sucker for lost causes.

Help me out here, people.

19 thoughts on “GPOY

  1. You gotta go with the Cthulu, so at appropriate times you can wield your “Mountains of Madness” like some kind of Frank Frazetta barbarian queen of the Yukon!

  2. Ah, but we have one vote for the Oxford Comma! It’s a real race.

    Of course, if I were the Steampunk Cthulhu, my enemies’ tongues and tentacles would freeze when they touched my armour, and I’d be like a huge Katamari Damacy rolling around the frozen tundra. That would be pretty awesome.

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  5. I seriously don’t know…I’d not seen the Greek riot dog footage before (sorry, I don’t get to see all of your posts…). That’s a mighty bad-assed, well-intentioned, and tenacious dog. I think that while you might desire to be all tentacled and armoured, you would actually find if you pulled an all-nighter under the midnight sun memorizing Sam McGee while downing moonshine, the visions that came would be of the floppy-eared activist. Just sayin’, friend-o-mine.

  6. You’ve never heard of the Greek Riot Dog before???? He’s amazing! He made BoingBoing (for all the people who don’t read my blog regularly and don’t mind getting it a few days later).

    And as for what I’d see after pulling “an all-nighter under the midnight sun memorizing Sam McGee while downing moonshine” I don’t know what it would be, but anything I’d see in the mirror would be truly frightening.

  7. i have warm feelings towards the oxford comma but come on, in the looks department, chthulu just has no rival. it’s like marilyn monroe vs. britney spears.

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