Riot Dog will see your Caturday and raise you


Riot Dog will take a bite out of the IMF

Riot Dog will take a bite out of the IMF

Did you even know that the Greeks have a kind of tradition of riot dogs? How awesome is that? On the other hand, a necessary precondition for a tradition of riot dogs is a tradition of riotry, which is not so awesome when it extends decades in each direction with no end in sight until both sides run out of money for ammunition.

via YourAnonNews and proof that Riot Dog is my spirit animal. He’s as as fluid of iteration as any “official member” of Anonymous, his yellow coat and floppy ears own his V for Vendetta mask and vastly more prevalent among the canine population than masks of any sort, really, which would look sort of silly; ubiquity confers effective immortality; you’ve gotta admit, that’s pretty intelligent for someone who isn’t even a border collie. Now all you cat people? Can just curl into a fetal ball and wait for someone to open a can for you, like always. Play them off, Keyboard Cat.

7 thoughts on “Riot Dog will see your Caturday and raise you

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  2. Thanks for linking your first picture to Inflection Point –


    I really like your site! Your coverage of OccupyWS is great. Here are a couple of pieces I have done recently. If you like one you are welcome to post it.

    I would like the opportunity to post some of your work. Please let me know or forward a piece. It will be posted with full credit and links

    Keep up the great work!

    Here are a couple of recent post from Inflection Point

    Rape of the Republic

    Our nation was founded on the principle that government’s one legitimate function is the protection of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (private property). This principle is in peril. For those charged with protecting us have been captured by an evil monetary construct that drives their greed and lust for power.

    OccupyWallStreet: The Kids Are Alright

    Wall Streets crimes and Washington’s complicity make them legitimate targets and many of these sociopaths have to go. They are however, the minions for a larger more evil construct. That is a monetary system that demands constant growth of debt and war. And that criminal enterprise is controlled by the central banks THE FED and those behind them. See:

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