GPOY 2.0

Hipster Cleavage

Hipster Cleavage

Well, it’s not like us around the ol’ raincoaster blog to do things the usual way. The usual way to take a GPOY or Gratuitous Photo Of Yourself, is, if you are female, to get some authentic-looking fake tats and a retro bra and too much eyeliner and pose in front of a rather dirty mirror before your mom gets home from work, but that’s just not the way we do things around these parts.

We don’t even own black eyeliner!

So the first time we posted a GPOY, we posted pictures of our spirit animals, along with a poll: the Oxford Comma is now officially my Spirit Animal, having trounced Steampunk Cthulhu, Greek Riot Dog, Sexually Oblivious Rhino, Courage Wolf, and the Raven quite thoroughly. I mean, look at that:<—— Oxford Comma, right there.

And now, we’re posting these photos which, if you know how to read them, will tell you things a-plenty about us (all of our personalities, right from raincoaster to icecoaster). So, enjoy?

GPOY with crackle nail polish and tio pepe

GPOY with crackle nail polish and tio pepe

and don’t bother telling me I’m a rotten manicurist; I have to LIVE with these fingertips, I already know. The Tio Pepe was some consolation: this shot was taken, by the way, exactly at midnight. In natural daylight.

It's a metaphor! See ma, I'm using my education!

It's a metaphor! See ma, I'm using my education!

This week: hot pink with black crackle glaze.

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