File Under: Things That Make Me Homesick


Sigh. So this weekend the sun came out in Vancouver, it was Pride, Illuminares, and the Symphony of Fire. Yeah, I know you’re not supposed to gripe, but well, goddam. The only thing I was gonna do up here this weekend was check out the “cariboo-hair tufting workshop” and the damn festival got rained out.

Symphony of Fire boater by Jonah Lewis

Symphony of Fire boater by Jonah Lewis

Sigh. I miss the days when Illuminares was at Trout Lake, and was awesome. This year it was in Coal Harbour, and was, apparently, somewhat less awesome for that reason.

Farther from the hippies=less awesome, duh!

I heart East Van too!

I heart East Van too!

But it must be said, the view from Kits and downtown is pretty impressive, especially during fireworks.

Symphony of Fire 2010

Symphony of Fire 2010

And then there are the more flamboyant events, like, say PRIDE:

I think you can try the two wheeler next year; you're a big girl now

I think you can try the two wheeler next year; you

and I love the way families come out to support the parade and even rapacious corporations get into the spirit. Or maybe not so rapacious: that’s not so much in the parade as in the back at the Pumpjack.

I'm WestJet. Fly Me!


and, back in The Hood, the Powell Street Festival. This is the one that started off the Homesick Sulks for me, bigtime. Probably because it doesn’t look like any damn thing to any damn one who doesn’t know that this used to be called Needle Park, and was so called for very good reason. I’m glad I lived there long enough to witness the change.

Vancouverites may begin arguing about “gentrification” now, but they should be careful if they do it from rent-controlled glass houses in Chinatown./in-joke

IT's not techically called the Pow-awwwwwwl street festival, but maybe it should?


2 thoughts on “File Under: Things That Make Me Homesick

  1. Raincoaster – I just found out that you left Vancouver. And I see that you are homesick. Congratulations on making the move – you’ve done this before so you probably already know you have begun the cycle of transplantitis. Looks like you’ve left stage 1 (in love with new location) and have entered stage 2 (looking back lovingly at previous location). I look forward to evidence of stage 3 (posting photos and stories of the great things that one can only really understand by living in a place).

    If it makes you feel any better, the skies are quite grey today. I’m sure it will rain soon.


  2. Actually, still waiting for Phase One to kick in. That’s part of the reason for Phase 5 of the plan, as explained in the posts below.

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