Talk to me, baby!

I’m trying out a new theme on my social media training site, raincoaster media, and would appreciate your thoughts. Can you let me know what you think of it?

Inuit Types theme for

Inuit Types theme for

And yes, I know the featured images are wonky. Oh Featured Images, why you gotta be like that???? I’m trying to fix it.

15 thoughts on “Talk to me, baby!

  1. I like it I just think the two picture billboards at the top are a bit to much one is just fine. Looks clustered with two…

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  3. I like, but I think your name could be a tad bolder (font, size, color?), more unique perhaps, it looks more like a headline than the name of the site. Consider your branding and creating a logo for Raincoaster that’s consistent. Just a suggestion. But I like where you’re going.

  4. I’d add the logo at the top. I’m not sure how the header works in that theme, but your logo is distinctive and memorable – use it.

    I like site – easy to read, well laid out if perhaps a little long. There is a lot of scrolling to get to the bottom! :)

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  6. The raincoaster icon is pretty consistent across all the sites: are you saying I need a DIFFERENT one for the social media company? Sigh. I don’t like that…more work!

    Yes, everyone is saying it’s too much scrolling. That’s because the sidebar’s so long. I have to edit it ruthlessly this weekend.

  7. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Hell, you are Canadian, yu are supposed to speak the same English I do! :lol:

    I think you need the logo, icon; whatever you want to call it on the top of that site in a prominent place!

    Definitely stick to a consistent logo across your sites. Customers like stability – different logos would not imply stability. Mind you, how we can expect stability from a “diseased brain” is beyond me! :)

  8. I’m talking about the name “raincoaster.” (though the icon should be adjacent wherever possible). Here you have “raincoaster” & “media” in the same font, size, color, etc… But, “raincoaster” at the top of THIS page is in an entirely different font. I think you need to brand “raincoaster” in its own distinct font and use it consistently on all your sites…along with the icon. (take Google, facebook, or Gawker: pop-artsy but memorable…or keep it simple and minimal, just pick something you like and stick with it), but, as with the examples above, not setting it apart means you haven’t branded your name yet. Name + Icon = Logo = your brand.

  9. Well, normally I’d agree, but the thing is, the internet persona “raincoaster” is, it turns out, a liability to the training business. Counter-intuitive to a naturally snarky person like me, but it’s true. The closer that business is associated with this persona, the less well it does. I’m better off splitting the two.

    There is an actual font for the raincoaster logo, Partridge Family, and it looks terrific. I need to get at the branding a little more aggressively. Now that I’m gainfully employed, ironically, I will be better able to do that, as I don’t have to be out hustling to keep a roof over my head.

  10. In that case – get a new icon for the business. You need a personal “brand” (the snarky, deseased one) and business “brand” (the wonderful, glossy “I’ll solve all your problems” one).

    Is it difficult living with MPD? :)

  11. I’m not employed in the advertising or journalism industry, so am just speaking as an everyday punter.
    I like the site, but not sure about the theme, maybe it could be pastel coloured?
    And definitely keep the Raincoaster logo, fonts i’m not too worried about (but obviously all the ad guys/gals out there will be saying “Oh yes you are!”)

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