Bunneh Power!

Fuck You I Can Fly

Fuck You I Can Fly

So, yesterday I must have looked particularly Playboyesque than normal, because I got hit on copiously and actually asked out three times. So that was good.

Not so good was getting Social Media Stood-Up today. I called him, as agreed, at five, only to have to remind him who I was, to his apparent consternation. “Oh, RIGHT, sure, yeah.” He said he’d Skype me back in a few, after he’d called the others coming to dinner and worked out a place and time…and one hour later, I was still waiting to hear back.

And five minutes after that I was on the bus to a friend’s house for delicious, home-made Mexican food, of which I’ve just fixed myself a second helping.

The ironic part of the equation is that the guy is in Risk Management, but if he were any good at it, would he have DARED to do this?

I think not. I think not, indeed.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Internet Needs

Maslow's Hierarchy of Internet Needs

But it’s okay. I’ve still got my poetry.

2 thoughts on “Bunneh Power!

  1. You waited an HOUR???? The most any man gets from me is 15 minutes!

    Or, if you are my husband – 13 months – but really it was our Immigration Department I was waiting on, not my husband.

    I’m pedantic about time! I’m not sure Julian in though, so you could be in trouble is you keep hankering after him.

  2. In Vancouver it not infrequently takes a half hour just to decide what KIND of food to eat. And I’m not worried about Julian: the handy thing about dating a guy who’s in custody is, you always know where he is.

    Umberto, I’m a very bizarre individual, so it’s not surprising that most people find me confusing. Still, I”m glad you like it.

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