What’s Bruin?

Canucks Fans

Canucks Fans

Now that we’re in the playoff finals (of what, you ask? are you FUCKING KIDDING ME I reply) it seems that the bandwagon-jumping Canucks-fans-come-lately are the most vehement in their love proclamations, sometimes to a positively obnoxious degree. Well, you know how it is with young love, fresh-plucked from the vine. At least they’re not feeding each other in public, though they ARE indulging in PDAs which might be counter to the concept of human dignity.

Canucks Fan gives double fingers

Canucks Fan gives double fingers

Some of them, in fact, are real pigs.

Some canucks fans are real pigs

Some canucks fans are real pigs

But that’s nothing compared to some Bruins fans. Check out this extremely authentic video of a Boston Bruins fan attempting to justify his crazed (and obviously futile) love for his group of losers.

It’s sad, really.

9 thoughts on “What’s Bruin?

  1. A Bruin is a brown bear and is also, more prominently, the mascot of UCLA. I’m not sure who had it first, but a giant Grizzly/Bruin is also the centerpiece of California’s state flag, so I’m guessing we have first dibs. Besides, “Boston’s Bruins’s” is obviously too tongue twisty for the average Boston fan to wrap his mouth around.

    p.s. Is that an AD I spy with my little eye? [I love DWR, but never was a company more blatantly mis-named.] Is this something new that’s allowed by WP, or something new that you’ve allowed yourself, or both, or neither?

  2. It’s an ad. WP.com has had ads for the last four years, but regulars don’t usually see them; they’re mostly just displayed to people who come via Google. I’m testing out the Ad Control program, which is a plan for high-traffic blogs whereby WordPress and I split the income 50/50. Still not sure if I’ll keep it or not: it made me five bucks last month.

  3. sorry about that, can’t seem to embed here (or at least I haven’t figured it out – i see others doing it…)

    A Boston Bruins Fan in Vancouver – Part 2 (Stanley Cup Finals 2011)

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  7. No worries, and full points for effort. The problem is, only the OLD YouTube URL works, not the new and automatically shortened one you get from the Share box. You need the one in the URL bar that starts with youtube.com

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