settling in

Notice to All Employees

Notice to All Employees

So yeah, things are a little different in Yellowknife. In Vancouver, they made you get a tattoo of whoever was on the cover of Billboard’s latest issue, and DEAR GOD I wanted to wear a burqa when it was the Jonas Brothers’ turn. Eventually I ran out of space, so they just gave me new arms to start fresh, and that was when I made my escape.

I’ve been learning a little about the town thanks to these instructional tourist guide videos that a commenter sent to me.

Part the First

Part the Second

Seems pretty much right-on so far. I must say it IS amusing when people try to frighten me with stories of the Range. I just laugh and tell them about the time I went for coffee with Willy Pickton and that usually gives them some more perspective on the DTES relative to the Range.

6 thoughts on “settling in

  1. ER… since you are no longer raincoaster, will you be changing your full name to Lorrice? (pronounced Loorees)

  2. Super-ironic now that I’ve scoped out Le Frolic and am thinking of making it my local. Can I help it if I have a weakness for steak tartare and Frenchmen with good stories.

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