Occupy Vancouver, T minus Two Hours

Occupy Vancouver Flyer on Seymour

Thought I’d swing by the Art Gallery and see what was shaking. Nothing was except for a security guard who is worried that Anonymous means to blow stuff up. I told him he was taking V for Vendetta too literally, so if you’re wearing an Anonymous mask, go up and shake his hand. Say Hi. Rickroll him. Just don’t blow his shit up, okay?The signs say you can’t stake your tents, so that leaves weighting them down with sandbags or bricks. How you’re supposed to get sandbags and bricks past security, I do not know.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

There are already two groups camping out; didn’t see any tents but there were sleeping bags and folding chairs. The place is floodlit and the CBC has a van parked on the grass (which surely can’t be LEGAL, can it? Oh, you one percenters and your sense of privilege!). I wonder if anyone’s going to go up the Hotel Vancouver and rain Champagne corks on the protesters below.

Vancouver Art Gallery Fountain and Hotel Vancouver

Vancouver Art Gallery Fountain and Hotel Vancouver

Vancouver’s a city of renegades: even our rich people are a little off, so I anticipate much randomness tomorrow. Rumour has it that the official Facebook OccupyVancouver is a front run by the police. Rumour has it that all #OccupyVancouver tweets are actually printed out by the VPD and collated for later reference. Rumours will say anything, but it’s kind of irrelevant if you keep this in mind: All the more reason not to pay attention to any of the “official” groups and take from each source only the things which strike you as of value. Not to get all revolutionary on you, but the closer you publicly identify with any one group, the more predictable you become and the easier you are to control. This is, I remind you, NOT what you want.

If you want to know what you’re allowed to do within the law of BC, here is the Civil disobedience guide. Remember, there’s absolutely no point getting arrested for run of the mill asshattery. You want to get arrested for changing the world for the better, if you want to get arrested.  Because if nothing else, you gotta explain why you’re late to work on Monday, and “I wanted to be this guy” won’t cut it.

Like I said on Flickr, you’re not allowed to stake your tents, so you’ve gotta weigh them down with sandbags and/or bricks, and yeah, good luck bringing THAT past security. Who the heck thought THAT was a good idea? I suppose for “green reasons” you could reuse fat tourists, but I’m not sure there are enough to go around.

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