Occupy Vancouver Wednesday with Tom Morello

Tom Morello's back at OccupyVancouver Wednesday Oct 19

Tom Morello's back at OccupyVancouver Wednesday Oct 19

Here’s the livestream of Tom Morello‘s show at the Vogue which as I write this hasn’t started yet. He was going to perform a few songs at Occupy Vancouver, but then it started to pour and instead he said, “I’ll do something better: I’ll invite ALL OF YOU to my show at the Vogue tonight,” and so he did! Everyone lined up, got their name down on a list, and away they went to the Vogue. Livestream below.

Tom Morello wil Occupy Vancouver

Tom Morello wil Occupy Vancouver

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Not sure if the livestream will work, but what the hell, winging it is the name of the game.

Well, the livestream works, but it’s still live streaming, so until Occupy gets the concert video up, here’s a compilation: Morello’s first song at the concert and footage from both the concert and Occupy Vancouver.

Tom Morello, radically awesome musician and activist formerly of Rage Against the Machine, now solo as the Nightwatchman, addressed the crowd at Occupy Vancouver tonight. Here’s 57 seconds of him addressing the crowd, right up until my battery ran out. I’ll add the rest of the pix and videos as the night goes on. You can’t hear a word HE says, but you can hear the Human Mic, which is an amusing way to get the information. If you think “well, it’s not his real voice” reflect on the fact that an electronic microphone isn’t his real voice either, it just resembles it more.

When we arrived, someone had set up a green cord on the plaza and everyone was standing behind it, leaving about 30 feet empty in front of the stage where a couple of people were dancing to the drum circle that was going when I arrived. Strangely, no matter how many people arrived, people stayed behind it without anyone asking them to. An interesting example of default obedience to perceived rules, without ascertaining whether the rules even existed, never mind who put them in place.

Took the lazy way out and did a slideshow, so here it is:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

and here’s my favorite picture from tonight.

OccupyVancouver Wednesday Oct 19

My favorite pic from OccupyVancouver Wednesday Oct 19

9 thoughts on “Occupy Vancouver Wednesday with Tom Morello

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  2. Well, livestream embedding works, but since they haven’t got an embeddable verison of JUST the part which was the concert, there will be a slight delay. Meantime, enjoy the livestream. General Assembly starts in half an hour.

  3. Well, actually we didn’t get our names on the guest list but got actual comptickets! Kind of funny, I know your posts from Gawker and realized I saw you at the Drumcircle! Small internet world.

  4. “I saw you at the Drumcircle!”

    I rest my case.

    “Occupy” is NO Arab Spring!
    Never was, never will be — ever.



    N.American “protesters” are 99% vapid, ineffectual, and flat-out lame.
    Have a great time wasting time!

  5. You really ARE gibbering now. What self-contempt you must have. If this is a waste of time, then simply trolling on the blog posts about it must be the platonic ideal of a waste of time.

    You’re NEVER going to be a millionaire. Deal with it.

  6. Uh…yeah, I already know I’m not a millionaire!
    Neither is 99.2% of the Canadian population!
    That’s what I stated in my very first post!
    But then I got blasted for not showing my homework — boo hoo.

    Here’s another stat for you:
    “36% of millionaires are 66 and older; 54% are between 46 and 65 years.”

    I’m very much well on my way, and when I’m 55, I WILL be a millionaire+. But that’s just me, I think differently about money than do the 99%.

    See, I work two well paying jobs, started a booming small business at the start of 2009, and am waiting to open another business within the next 5 years (dependent on how the Euro-Global crisis effects real estate). Four diversified income streams + rental income + non-mainstream investing = healthy portfolio.

    GIve it a try.


  7. You are working all those jobs because not ONE of them is giving you the income stream you want. And none of them ever will, unless this movement succeeds in changing things.

  8. LOL!!!
    Not every one is like you.
    But thanks for assuming.

    EXACTLY ONE of my jobs provides me with the income I NEED to not only pay ALL my bills but also to save for my retirement. All my other income streams give me the income I “WANT”, as you put it. I stopped believing in government support about a decade ago, thus I made the decision to take my financial well-being into my own hands, fully and completely.

    Here’s a snip from one of your favorite sources:
    “About 60 per cent of your likely income is determined at birth by what country you live in…Another 20 per cent is determined by the income class of your parents.”

    BOTH of my parents were hard-working and entrepreneurial during their careers.
    BOTH owned several small businesses. My father, during his peak earning years, was taking in $100,000 per year; he is now in his 70’s and continues to operate a airplane leasing business, as well as traveling regularly to South America in search of new business ideas. My mother, during her peak earning years, was amongst the top 10% female earners in the nation. She retired at age 50 to start her own business; now permanently retired. Oh yeah, she also bought her own house and paid it off, in-full, in ONE year (as well as owning other real estate).

    Guess I got the FULL 20% of my parents’ income class, as well as them instilling a hard-ass work ethic, teaching me to rely on myself, and to continually look for opportunity. Thanks, ma and pa, for not letting me grow up to be a lazy, whinny hippie.

    And finally, to quote you:
    “And none of them ever will, unless this movement succeeds in changing things.”

    Yeah…I don’t see hippie/homeless sack races changing anything any time…EVER.

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