Post-Valentine’s Day Unicorn Chaser

Geek Online Dating with Julian Assange

Geek Online Dating with Julian Assange; satisfaction guaranteed or your encryption key back!

And how was YOUR Valentine’s Day?

Spokesmodeling: looks like somebody’s found a way to keep Wikileaks flush while fighting court cases around the world! Smart thinking; the marketing of is challenging in the extreme, thanks to people’s selfish refusal to be sexually attracted to the physically repulsive. All they need is a little marketing makeover (and diet and exercise, facials, stylists, and grooming tips) and POOF! Instant sex god dating site.

Also related: Penis Puppy! Awww, so cute…and about 30 inches long!

Penis Puppy

Penis Puppy

If you’re not dating, how are you spending your time? If you’re like me, like this:

Tea and hardcovers

Tea and hardcovers

You KNOW you have no secrets on the internet. Oh, PS: You left the webcam on.

8 thoughts on “Post-Valentine’s Day Unicorn Chaser

  1. Bono will not be impressed, you left him out.

    That Penis Puppy is just plain weird. Who wants a fluffy insertion?

    I can’t mutli-task as well as you can, but I can Tweet and help with accounting homework.

  2. Oh damn, forgot Bono. Well, our love can never be, since he’s all Christian and married and his wife is apparently both territorial and fit.

    I seriously thought that dog was a novelty pillow when I first saw it.

  3. I have to leave your posts until I have had plenty of coffee…either that or stop having such a filthy mind.

    I was wondering who would create a novelty pillow of a penis covered in puppy hair. I have been working a lot lately – ready for a vacation…

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