catch you on the flip side

the flip side of this.

The flip side of the ability to wield physical beauty for political gain is…Occupy.


Don’t get me wrong, I love the guy, but this just isn’t his best look. It isn’t anybody’s. The only things that could make it worse are Crocs and perhaps an ostentatiously large murse.

And much as it kills me to admit it, the look hasn’t changed in twenty, count ’em, twenty years.

I was reading (and strenuously disagreeing with) Kurt Anderson’s article in Vanity Fair about how styles have not changed in the last twenty years. I was thinking “how could anyone get it so wrong?”

And then I saw this.

1992, people. 1992.

God, we’re old.

8 thoughts on “catch you on the flip side

  1. Ha, then WHY ARE YOU ALL STILL DRESSING LIKE IT? I mean seriously. And don’t get me started on the girls with their animal hats.

    It’s sad, isn’t it, that the only real difference between that guy in the video and most of Occupy Vancouver (myself included) is the way we tie our scarves?

    PS Full disclosure: I was 28 in 1992.

  2. But every coffee sipper on the Drive has the Peruvian hat. Beckwoman’s sells them by the gross.

    I have nothing against skiers. Or hats. Or scarves. Or floppy, oversized cardigans (given my wardrobe, it would be hypocritical). But when you put them together over skinny jeans you have a look that hasn’t changed EXCEPT for the way the scarf is looped (and why??? WHY DID THAT CHANGE??? Did scarves not work before or something? I ask yez) in twenty years.

    We deserve better than the outfit Kurt Cobain died in.

  3. So, it’s the jeans. {sigh} I wish I could wear skinny jeans. I remember scarves. I used to need one decades ago when I wore my ‘eastern’ winter coat… you know, wool, heavy, 3-button, lapels, and open at the neck. Dressy. I still have it somewhere. Smells of mothballs.

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