Operation Global Media Domination: The Bubble Bath Situation

Bathtubs of Glory

Bathtubs of Glory

One hates to begin a blog post on a tangent, particularly when it is a blog post about one’s self, but sometimes one’s self’s gotta do what one’s self’s gotta do.  In this case, one’s gotta point y’all to the amazing web ad copy for this loverly, New Agey bathtub, for lo, it is a thing of beauty and a joy forever, unless you like the English Language, that is.

The Florentine company realizes, thanks to skilled craftsmen, the tanks that are works of art to decorate your bathroom with a unique touch.

Baldi, the company made in Italy, proposes luxury furnishings in addition to producing high-value and visual impact has also introduced some time to create baths that are sculptures. Built from blocks of precious rock crystals found in the Amazon, the ultra-luxury tubs signed Baldi become protagonists of the bathroom and create a refined and unique moments of relaxation.

“Protagonists of the bathroom.” I’m pretty sure that was a scene in the Satyricon, wasn’t it?

Where was I? It was a blog post about me, wasn’t it? Oh, right.

Baths. Let’s just say that there was a day last week that was particularly “Fridayish” even though it was not technically Friday. I’d done another of the “stay up all night working after staying up all day working” things that I do from time to time. Like, now. Anyhoodle, I had also gone for a long walk, and was pondering…a bath, certainly. But a bubble bath or a scented epsom salts bath? These are important questions, so naturally I took them to Twitter. One does not make raincoaster soup without adequate research.

To my surprise, the consensus was that both, simultaneously, were not only permissible but positively desirable, and therefore I signed off and took their advice literally, and although it took ten hours for my fingertips to unwrinkle, it was worth every moment. I never used to love baths, but that was before I spent four years in an apartment that only had a shower. I got very good at offering to help around the houses of such friends as had tubs, and availing myself thereof.

A kindred soul is Holistic Sailor, who lives on a sailboat which also lacks a proper soakage receptacle, and who therefore feels my pain. She not only felt my pain, she prescribed for it, and created this fabulous raincoaster bath blend which I intend to try just as soon as I don’t have a mere $1.65 to my name. So THIS, people, is how you make raincoaster soup:

So in honour of @raincoaster’s appreciation for the bath, I offer this aromatherapy blend. Blend the essential oils together first and then add them to 1 1/2 – 2 cups of epsom salts. We all know what happens when you mix water and oil, so add the essential oils to the salt first before adding to the bath.

@raincoaster Bath Blend

  • 4 drops lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)
  • 4 drops rose 10% (Rosa damascena)
  • 2 drops jasmine 10% (Jasmine grandiflorum)
  • 1 1/2 – 2 cups epsom salts



In other Operation Global Media Domination news:

Someone wrote a song for me!

My last major article for the Daily Dot, a report of Anonymous taking the Kremlin offline, got retweeted 54 times, including once by the former Ambassador to the UN of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

In somewhat more mysterious news, somebody mentioned my ManoloFood blog on the media in New York last Wednesday. Five times the normal hits, all going straight to Manolofood.com, meaning it was on tv, radio, or in the paper somewhere. No idea who said what about me, but I wish they’d held off till I’d gotten some fresher posts up. Ah, well.

And in related and even more dignified news, I was profiled in Ayoudo’s House of Splendour, and you just know I’m all about profile roundups with grandiose nomenclature!

Sure, Bobby Flay AND Angry Bobby Flay may both be evading me on Twitter, but do they live in a House of Splendour? With mysterious media shout-outs? with their OWN BATH MIX?

I think not. I very much think not.

7 thoughts on “Operation Global Media Domination: The Bubble Bath Situation

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  2. Well, I’m relatively certain it’s bullshit anyway. Look at it: obviously it’s molded of solidified unicorn blubber.

    Shameful admission: I would buy this monstrosity in an instant. I’m a sucker for New Age lighting.

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