Day Job




This is what I do for my Day Job.

7 thoughts on “Day Job

  1. Slavoj Zizek, world’s formost living philosopher. I’m very proud of having tracked this down to the actual Al Jazeera interview this screengrab was taken from. I was halfway through it, looking for the telltale blink, when I thought “gee, this is maybe too much research for a throwaway Morning GIF post.”

    I can only bill so much in good conscience.

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  3. I saw that you got picked up by DD, I’ve been right-clicking your gifs for a while now… so, ahem, can you get me Alejandra Gaitan’s autograph?

  4. …damn, I just sold my soul a few months ago to make sure the Leafs missed the playoffs again.

    Keeping up with the RC Empire as well as the new-ish DD responsibilities I’m guessing you’ve developed a taste for either Mountain Dew or meth.

  5. Ha, have you seen how erratic posting is lately? I haven’t posted to Ayyyy in four days, I think. AND I just started part-time with a social media agency at $50 an hour. If only I can find the hours!

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