Another classic of the interwebs. Why do I like doing tech support? It’s for moments like this.


  1. I HATE YOUR STUPID SIGHT!!!!! I have wasted an entire day trying to set up at stupid blog. Set one up on Blogger in five minutes. Can’t modify the theme, paid for a domain that I can’t access, paid to have domain hosted elsewhere, still can’t access theme modification through your dashboard, have an IQ of 140 and spent 15 years as an it professional. PUT SOME ONE ON THE PHONE.
    Blog url: http://IALREADYDELETEDIT.

  2. We are mostly volunteers here in these forums. Staff does look in to answer questions/help with problems we volunteers cannot do anything about. It does no good to shout at us: we only want to help.

    New WordPress bloggers can learn quite a bit from this tutorial:

    You should also be aware that there are different kinds of wordpress:

    You can modify a wordpress.COM theme with a custom design upgrade. Note that you cannot change the function of a theme.
    The support documentation is very good and taking a little time to search it will be of value as you learn to use this platform. Here are other support docs about CSS here on wp.COM:

    If you have a domain mapping upgrade, then the support documents have instructions for how to set up the mapping with your domain name:

    As volunteers we can respond to specific questions so please feel free to post again with details about what you are having difficulties with.

  3. IQ of 140 in base 5?


    Well, in spite of my high IQ, I know I’ve made my fair share of spelling mistakes.

    Being intelligent is no guarantee that one can know everything instantly, and blaming others is not productive in the pursuit of skills.

  5. You’ve been a part of WordPress for four weeks, and you’ve had all of this frustration building up, but this is only the second time you’ve asked for help.

    If you really want help, we could probably get you moving in the right direction… otherwise, you sound like a perfect candidate for a Blogger blog.

  6. Tess, that is not a 140 IQ. I have a 140 IQ. If we treat liars with the same respect we treat normal people, there’s no disincentive to lie.

  7. 136… but I smoked a lot of weed when I was a kid, so I might have started off at 140.

  8. I have no idea what my IQ is and could care less, and I’ve never stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.

    I like cheese.

  9. I like turtles.

  10. Turtles. We have turtles. Nice ones. The Green Sea Turtles (Honu in Hawaiian). They are fun to snorkel with although you aren’t supposed to get too close since they are an endangered species (much like honest, caring politicians). Still, they are magnificent.

  11. Rain, I won’t dispute the OP about his or her IQ number. That statement may or may not be true.

    I’ve met some (supposedly) smart folks who have no idea how to do anything practical, whether from lack of patience or effort. It’s a poor craftsman who blames his tools. The OP’s frustration is understandable, so I merely pointed out that he/she could avail herself of the resources here rather than expending energy on blame.

    BTW I laughed at base 5…

  12. The turtles are magnificent, not the dishonest, uncaring politicians. I thought I should clarify.

  13. I am thinking about chocolate pecan turtles: If there were any in the pantry they would be very endangered…

  14. Mmmm, chocolate pecan turtles….

  15. Nobody who has actually worked in IT for over a decade expects DNS changes to be instantaneous. Or doesn’t know how to use the simple support forum.

  16. My IQ is 110. I’m a dumbo then. Lol. Why is the OP rattling about IQ anyway. I agree with Tess. I too have met some very intelligent people who are complete numpties when it comes to anything practical.

    Erm, what is “Base 5” ?

  17. @karenhelme I’ll contact you by e-mail to help you solve your problems.


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  2. Hey Raincoaster.

    I dont “project” onto an automated process. So thanks for your well-considered comment. lol.

    I hope you don’t mind me calling it as I see it: …you are not here to Defend wordpress, just to share experience.I hope.

    I know lots of people with High IQ Real Mensa members (none of them feel the need to post their score in a forum…:) and all but Only a High EQ will get you a Nobel peace prize….

    Were you All REALLY trying to help or just have a little online laugh at some anon person’s expense for disagreeing with you all about her preference for Blogger v. WordPress. Brand loyalty is one thing. She was ASKING to speak to a HUMAN and not a machine and I agree with that.

    Automated process is only as good as the coder.

    But this style of forum gang-teasing, I’ve seen a lot of and it actually just discourage people from voicing genuine problems in forum ?? It also shows the maturity of the moderator if they allow it to become online bullying….and ….throwing in some stereotyping of Jews to boot? Was that helpful?

    Why did you volunteer?

  3. No, I’m really trying to help. Why would you jump to the conclusion that you’re being banned not because of content but because you’re writing in multiple languages? I’ve been here six years and never heard of that happening. Thanks for not projecting or being defensive!


  4. These two things:

    1. 15 years as an it professional.

    …do not go together. Unless she was an IT tech during the 70’s.

    I really wanted to ask her what profession “it” was, but she seemed pretty close to the edge already.

  5. Speaking on the phone does not help. A salesman called me, and pretty soon we were screaming at each other together. I hope he found it releasing.

    Thank you for answering the questions.

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