and THIS is how you troll

Forgive the copy/pasta. I’ve been travelling and getting edit requests at both 4:30am and 11:30pm does lead to an unstructured and reactive blogging schedule. We at the ol’ raincoaster blog hope you enjoy these little tidbits, which truly demonstrate why I will never be employed by Automattic, other than as comic relief.

  1. opinionias contains opinions and discussion on large number of contemporary and topics of current relevance , which are very useful to understand the depth of the topics.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. ORLY? Looks like a completely empty blog to me. Are you making some sort of Absurdist point?

  3. one has to prepare fundamentals very strong before making a further step in preparation ,

    as per the syllabus of upsc ,
    one needs to understand the basics of the topics ,
    there are number of sources available in the market , but a beginner has to choose it very wisely that what are important and what not .

    i must say that every topic has its root in ncert books , so one should try to understand these books first .
    and further related discussion will be available on this blog in a few days ,

  4. .

Be sure and click on that last link.

And our second example:

  1. The three skills I plan to use in my professional carrer is organization ideas, reading and listing,and communicatiing with people with different backgrounds. These skills will help me advanve in the bussiness world. These skills will help me get the career that I want. These skills also will help me go far in the byssiness world.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Spelling also helps.

  3. Grammar too. Grammar is good.

  4. Sobriety can also be of assistance, although I’ve never found it particularly relevant to my career choice of internet troll.

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