And then this happened…

Julian Assange by Cara Spoza

Julian Assange by Cara Spoza

Some people wonder why I like fangirl sites. Read this and wonder no more.

  • Lorraine, I really like your style, the way you write, the interviews you make are always very interesting and original…..why dont you do a “Greenwald” and move on to a better more well known venue? You’ve got plenty of talent.

  •  Thanks, that’s really kind of you to say. I do have an assignment from the Guardian, but they didn’t like the first draft. I have to raise my game if I want to work for them regularly.

    And the people at the Daily Dot are awesome. They are a great team of fun, helpful people all of whom have more pure journalism experience than I do. Much as I like to swear at editorial cuts and deadlines, they are great to work with and I’d miss them if I left.

    Also: let’s just say the major news outlets are not beating down my door. Anonymous, hackers and leaks are not mainstream enough to be very marketable, and my style is quirky. But I did have an interview Friday with On the Coast, CBC’s afternoon radio show; if it works out, I’ll be on a weekly panel discussing current events. Hope I was amusing and interesting enough in the interview. Wish me luck.

  • Xochitl

    Lorraine those are great news! I wish you the very best and keep us post it.


  •  Thanks!

  • LadyB

    Besides it’s clear you know what you’re talking about, raincoaster, and this is very rare when speaking of tech stuff/web journalism/hacking communities/Internet dynamics and related arguments.

    Maybe you could try the Guardian, they are changing editorial line in these very days  ;P

  •  I’m going to put you all down as references, okay? If I ask John Young he’ll just tell me to get fucked, references are lies, resumes are fabrications, etc, etc.

    I want to get my big Anon vs Pedo story out before I hit the Guardian up for that. They don’t really have anyone doing Anonymous on a regular basis except Barratt Brown and I can’t see myself knocking him aside

  • TooMuchSunshine

    Indeed. RC is more knowleadgeable in these areas than many self described “experts”

  • Thanks! now, tell all your local and national papers, tv and radio stations.

  • Xochitl

    I will, do you know Spanish?

  •  Nope. I can count to five in Spanish, thanks to Count von Count on Sesame Street, but that’s it, alas.

5 thoughts on “And then this happened…

  1. Thanks! Time will tell if I’m able to make good on it. The Dot has been awesome to me, and I want to use my interviews to raise their global profile.

  2. Thank you, that’s so nice of you. It’s all up to me: getting this Guardian story up to par, getting the rest of my interviews for the Dot done. I’m only a freelancer there, but the fact is they’ve been great to me.

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