Spy vs I

Your International Spy Name is Countess Moonstone

Your Code Name: Clam Chowder
You Reside in: Paris

Why You’re a Good Spy: You have total recall

So, what have you been up to lately? I have been recovering from some weird stomach bug and going deep into the world of hackers, leakers, whistleblowers, spies, and Anonymii. On the one hand I have about a hundred pages of raw notes (only a slight exaggeration). On the other, wrestling this all into neat, linear narratives is easier said than done, even if you think “linear narratives” is easy to say, and if you do you’re either a voice coach or a pretentious twerp.

Not that we have anything against either of those.

In Operation Global Media Domination news, things have been progressing moderately well. Still not published in the Guardian, having to take yet another whack at the story, but having given up on getting a quote from the Minister in question, I’m just going to write around her. She will awaken in the morning completely surrounded by exclusive, internationally famous quotes from an angry and outraged citizenry. Some times “no comment” says volumes.

Was at the 100th anniversary of the Bunker Project, Canada’s #1 social media podcast. I’m very proud to have been singled out as the one who got them censored on iTunes, and I DIDN’T EVEN DROP ONE F BOMB THIS TIME! Mother would be so proud.

Flamed out on my audition to be part of a panel for CBC Radio’s On The Coast, discussing the week in BC. Reasons:

  1. I am SO NOT about the hyperlocal, particularly lately. Ask me about internet privacy in Australia or Russia’s weaponization of sex spam and I can talk and talk. Ask me where Fort Langley is and I’ll ask why I should care.
  2. Cathy says with all this talk of Anonymous and WikiLeaks and so on, I frighten people. This is true, of course. My own boss’s eyes got very wide when I listed the Anons I know who are in prison now (Kahuna, Trick, and Anarchaos, for starters… and Sabu, who is NOT in prison…but wait for it.). But I continue to believe there’s a market for it. Come on, Eli Roth, back up a blogger here! Scary sells!

Oh well, should, say, the morning show ever need to do an in-depth investigation of government corruption and CSIS, for instance, they know I’m their girl. Now to get back to emailing hackers for interviews and checking for a reply from the Department of Homeland Security

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