Ja,n; Just Act, Naturally

JAN: Just Act, Naturally

JAN: Just Act, Naturally

Just feast your starvéd eyes on this vision of natural, spontaneous loveliness. She is Ja,n: Just Act, Naturally; she used to be called Jan: Just Act Naturally, but she changed it because…reasons. And she has a Tumblr.

Would it come as a total shock to you that she teaches acting? Look at her: it was either that or interpretive healing dance.

Emmy Speech Master Class Announcement!

My acting master class is dedicated to the most important performance of an actor’s career: the Emmy Awards acceptance speech.

My much sought-after class is back by popular demand!

Meets twice weekly for four weeks. Cost: $899.00. Begins October 5th. Cash only, no personal checks.

To register, email JAN.JustActNaturally@gmail.com and tell me why you want to be in the class. Admission is based on strength of essay and knowledge of my work.

You can’t have EMMY without EM-ME!

Well, who wouldn’t want to take that workshop? Careful, no stampeding: the line forms on the left. “By popular demand,” yeah, I’ve used that one myself!

But who would spend that kind of money without taking a careful look and doing due diligence and other alliterative investigative thingies. So let us go deep inside the Emmy Speech Master Class and see the hidden truth about delivering a speech in full “I WANT TO LIVE” mode while at the same time remembering to thank your lawyer.

Invest in your future! You never know when you’ll need the assistance of a grateful lawyer.

As someone on Twitter said, “Every day I’m not Parker Posey is a failure.”

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