Quote o’ the Day: Stripping

Yellowknife Commute, Frame Lake Trail 7

“White people came here a long time ago; took all the furs; trapped all the beaver out; and the otter and the mink, things like that; and they gathered all these things up. They went away and they left us with the bush and the rocks. It wasn’t too much later they came back again. They call that logging. Cut down all the trees; white pine, red pine, cut it all down. And they left us on the bare rocks. Then they discovered uranium here. And the old man said, ‘Now the sons-a-bitches are back for the rocks.'”

Gilbert Oskaboose, Serpent River First Nation

Gilbert Oskaboose

Gilbert Oskaboose

4 thoughts on “Quote o’ the Day: Stripping

  1. That’s a wonderful quote. Funny and depressing at the same time, and ever-so-clever.

    Is that your photo? It’s beautiful. Is the white strip below the rocks water or snow?

  2. It’s Frame Lake, and it was still unfrozen, as I took this shot in August. In front of that is a tall sort of grass that was waving in the wind. I liked the illusion it made, because it does look like all kinds of things but grass. That, by the way, is the view on my walk to and from work when I was up in Yellowknife last year.

    I find that a lot of First Nations political stuff is said with an amazing dry humour that a lot of people don’t really appreciate. It’s an art form.

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