The Poetry Book of Mormon

Emo Jesus sez it's okay. He's still got his poetry.

Emo Jesus sez it’s okay. He’s still got his poetry.

Anybody who’s read the King James version of the Bible knows there’s poetry in it. But is there poetry in the “Other Books” like the Gnostic Gospels, the Kabbalah, and the famous Book of Mormon? We dunno.

But thanks to WikiLeaks, we have The Church Handbook of Instructions for Mormons, and we can confirm, yea verily, that there is poetry within, at least according to the Haiku Finder. And here is that poetry.

He should be careful
not to embarrass members
who need assistance.


Stake leaders may give
instruction and assistance
during these meetings.


However, they may
pay tithing through their home ward
if necessary.


He also consults
with other stake presidents
as appropriate.


This clerk also should
know how to order garments
and temple clothing.


This clerk also should
know how to order garments
and temple clothing.


Prayers in Church Meetings
Men and women may offer
prayers in Church meetings.

Hey Moroni, don’t quit your day job!

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