Free Anons Video

Anonymous Interference

Anonymous Interference

That’s what I like about Anonymous: yes, NYPA, but ask and ye shall (sometimes) receive. This started in a thread on the OpLulzcart page on Facebook, where some Anons were tossing around ideas for a new Free Anons video, to support those incarcerated. Lulzcart, for instance, needed several hundred dollars to get to court, stay in a hotel overnight, and get back, and he’s needed it every month since his arrest. Not easy, for somebody in Romania ten hours away from court. Free Anons also helps with bail, with lawyers, and with postcards and other forms of support, as we’ve mentioned previously, and has a store selling Anon-related gear where all proceeds go to support the incarcerated Anons.

So there I was, hanging out in the thread wishing I had mad video skillz, and I said I’d always wanted to make a vid out of Canadian band Soul Side In‘s cover of Pat Benatar‘s “Invincible,” which is a fantastic song. And the next thing you know:

Thanks, Michelle Nonamus!

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