So, how’s YOUR week going

Head Crash

Head Crash

Let’s review: in the last week I’ve become officially homeless, had my hours at work cut in half, and now, in the crowning glory, an attempt to install a simple chat client on my computer wiped the entire contents including the system management software.

This is what you call a head crash: when the head goes CRASH on the desk.

What did I do? What would anyone do? well, anyone who was me? I screamed all over social media until someone stepped up to solve my problem, that’s what I did. What do I ever do, right? So the far-more-competent-than-me Tim Adkins from Free Geek met me on his day off and did a complete reinstall, with encryption and a partitioned hard drive so that even if half of it wipes the other half is still useable.

After we met up at Turk‘s for the reinstall, the sun was shining and the day was gorgeous for once in Vangroover, so I took the opportunity to stroll up the Drive for an hour or so, picking up the perfect party top for Gin & Sin on Wednesday at 20% off, then hopped a bus to the Forgotten Value Village up at 49th and Victoria. Lest you think the nature of the universe had somehow changed in my favour, my bank card was declined there, and the Starbucks told me that my Paypal top-up of $25 hasn’t shown up on my Starbucks card.

So it’s not entirely #FML but it’s not all sunshine and roses.

Oh. Wait. Thatcher is dead.

6 thoughts on “So, how’s YOUR week going

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  2. Thanks. Computer is finally working again, but every page I open it says it needs plugins to view and then won’t run the plugins when I download them. Sigh.

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